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The Mysterious Stone Chambers of New England and the Search for Lost America Part 2

“The stones are great and magic power they have, men that are sick fare to that stone, and they wash that stone and bathe away their evil”. 12th Century chronicler Layamon writing of Stonehenge.

     While pouring through records of the town histories of West County I gained a great deal of insight into the nature of life in what was the frontier of our new country. What I discovered was a story of hardship and determination with a focus on practicality and survival. What I failed to find was any mention of stone creations built by colonials other than mills, foundations and utilitarian walls. In fact in the entire documented history of New England there is not a single account of a colonial creation of a stone chamber, cairn, standing stone or dolmen. This, in spite of the fact that the northeast possesses the highest concentration of astronomically aligned stone monuments on the entire planet. I did however come across many old accounts of precolonial stonework that puzzled the new inhabitants of the land. The colonials did not know what to make of the stone chambers they found and speculated that they may have been Native American sweat lodges or hot houses. In 1643 Roger Williams wrote, “This hot house is a kind of little cell or cave, six or eight feet over, round, made on the side of a hill, commonly by some rivulet or brook. In 1702 Cotton Mather added “their hot house is a little cave, about eight foot over... In 1709 a Mr. Lawson writes “near the town, within their clear'd land, are several Bagnios or sweating houses, made of stone. In the shape like a large oven. Finally, the highly regarded John Pynchon writes in 1654, “Sir, I here a report of a stonewall and strong fort in it, made all of stone, which is newly discovered at or near Pequot. I should be glad to know the truth of it from yourself, here being many strange reports about it”. Accounts such as these suggests that stone chambers predate colonial arrival. The question is who built them and for what purpose.

Native American Legends
     Native Americans do not claim to be the builders of these structures. In 1870, an old Stockbridge Native American returned to the site of his ancestors for a visit and recounted the following tale. His people had gone west after “much wretchedness” living in the local area. He said his ancestors told his people that they had found these “stone huts” when they first arrived to these lands. They were not comfortable to his people, so they moved across the Ripowam to the high ground to live. Evidence shows that Northeast Native American tribes were not engaged in large scale stone building but did some work with stone and used the chambers for ritual purposes. Researcher Philip Imbrogno had a rare opportunity to spend three weeks with and interview the last living shaman of the Wappinger tribe. His name was “Onawan Tu” which in english translates to “he who walks with the spirits”. Onawan Tu recounted the following ancestral tale of who built the stone chambers. “Long, long ago my people lived in peace and prosperity. One day strange beings came from the direction of the rising sun. These beings were much taller than my people. My people greeted them as friends and they began to build the stone huts you call chambers. They would have huge fires around them and would be able to commune with “spirits” because these chambers stored energy and acted as doorways to the spirit world. It is said that the giant stones were moved by spirit power with a great wind. These beings were considered by my tribe to be messengers of the great spirit, they lived with my ancestors for a very long time. There was a great exchange of ideas and knowledge not only with our tribe but also with the Delaware, Algonquin and Huron people.”
     The missionary John Heckelwelder told of a legend he heard from the Delaware Indians about an ancient race that preceded them known as the Alligewi, who were said to have “built to themselves regular stone fortifications or entrenchments,” to have been “remarkably tall and stout,” and to have included giants among their people.” A particularly interesting report from 1895 comes from the History of Deerfield page 78 “At the foot of Bars Long Hill a (precolonial) skeleton was described to me by Henry Mather who saw it, as being of monstrous size with double teeth all round. The skeleton was examined by Dr. Stephen W. Williams of Deerfield, who said the owner must have been nearly eight feet tall”. There are countless similar reports of giant human skeletons all over Eastern America, oftentimes many at a site, that have been suppressed by institutions such as the Smithsonian, which has a long record of underhanded behavior such as “losing” evidence that doesn't fit its dogmatic theories. Many of these accounts are predominantly in town histories and were viewed as oddities not something trumpeted up to bring publicity. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest the possibility of a lost culture of stone builders in the Northeast.

The Physicist and the Stones
     Native American legends speak of many stone sites that are thought to be magical and sacred, which they believed were gateways to another world. They considered different kinds of stones to possess different powers or energies. Quartz, in particular, was considered a potent supernatural stone by shamans that was often used in ceremony and ritual. Quartz in today's society is used in watches, electronics and computers for its ability to conduct electricity and store information. Is there modern scientific verification for the belief that stones possess energetic properties not understood by mainstream scientists? That appears to be the case and it happens to come from a very strange chapter in the history of science.
     Let's take a look at the work of the American physicist Thomas Brown. Brown developed theories concerning the link between the electromagnetic and gravitational fields theorized by Dr. Albert Einstein. Famously discovering the Biefield-Brown effect propelled him into a career with the U.S. Navy, working on the governments most highly classified projects for decades. In the early years of Brown's research he discovered the capacity of certain types of rock to produce an electric current, even when properly shielded. Brown's work with rock electricity began in 1931 and continued up until the end of his life in 1985. It became his main area of focus after leaving his position with the government. His findings were revolutionary. As shown in his papers, “studies of telluric electricity as related to individual rocks, have revealed the existence of electrical self-potential. The true source of this energy is not now known, but the fact that the electrical output of rocks undergoes diurnal cycles, sidereal cycles and secular variations, appears to indicate that the energy has a cosmic origin. One might express it- that the rocks of the earth may actually be tapping cosmic energy”. In layman's terms Brown's research revealed that not only do stones produce an electric current almost magically by themselves but they are affected by the cycles of heavenly bodies. He had the government's most advanced scientific equipment at his disposal to carry out these experiments because of his reputation. He found that the voltages produced by the stones were within the range of the human brain/body communication system, meaning that humans are directly influenced by stones in a very real way. One may ask, why does a man who has worked on some of the governments most fascinating “black operations” projects end up studying the electrical output of stones and their relationship to cosmic gravitational forces for the balance of his life. The answer appears to be found in his papers where he claims to have discovered ,“a whole new spectrum equivalent to the electromagnetic spectrum”. What Brown had stumbled upon was a whole new spectrum of cosmic force. These implications are profound and would certainly get the attention of a physicist. Brown concluded that stones (some more than others), emit electrical output apparently of their own volition, that not only can be received by a human in its field but are also affected by celestial movements of bodies that create a waxing and waning of this energy. Is this why certain types of stone are chosen for building megalithic sites such as Stonehenge, where it's builders chose bluestone from a quarry 180 miles away instead of local stone. Is this also why so many sites such as stone chambers are astronomically aligned, to make use of the stones maximum output at certain celestial events? Esoteric literature certainly tells us so and now it appears science is telling us a similar tale.

Quartz, gold, copper, iron and electromagnetism
     It has been noted by researchers that areas chosen to build stone chambers are high in specific mineralogical compositions such as quartz, gold, copper and iron, that attract electromagnetic energy. Let us examine a few chamber sites in our area to see if this holds true. The Goshen chamber complex is built on an entire mountain of quartzite. Not only is there a large amount of quartzite stones in the chamber but the two standing stones, effigy mound head and massive stone walls are all quartzite as well. Researchers brought in a professional dowser who located a spring directly under the center of the chamber and pinpointed an electromagnetic line of force that ran right through the doorway. Just recently on March 20th I experienced the awe inspiring equinox sunrise from within it. This verified the intentional directional placement of the structure. From the history of Leyden in 1910 we hear about a Mr. Frank Tilden, a rocky mountain prospector who opened a mine extremely close to one of the town's two chambers. The mine possessed a high percentage of copper and a fair percentage of gold and silver. Harold Campell of Leyden bears out this statement. He says that Mr. Tilden presented him with a fine specimen of Leyden quartz rock with a vein of gold running through it which was from his mine. Also from the town records are other reports of unusual mineral deposits in the area such as encouraging results from geiger counter prospectors in West Leyden. Lastly, aviators report that planes flying low near Daniel's peak are thrown off course by the odd behavior of compasses which dance and spin erratically. Such compass action usually indicates the proximity of lodestone deposits. In the 1990's Dr. Bruce Cornet, then a staff geologist at Lamont Dougherty Observatory brought a proton procession magnetometer, used to measure variations in the earth's magnetic field to several stone chambers. Dr. Cornet said he recorded “the strangest readings I ever got in this area. It was strong enough to reverse a compass. Each stone chamber had a significant pull right in front of the door. This magnetic anomaly is a true clue that they are much older than the early colonial period”.

What does it mean?
     It appears that the builders of New England's stone chambers used geometry, astronomy, magnetic lines of force, water and specific kinds of stone to carry electro-magnetic energy to create a specific field of energy. This field it seems was created to produce an energetic state that allows the participant to experience higher levels of awareness and physical and mental healing. The shaman and quantum physicist both agree on the existence of this field.. Shamans enter this field through prolonged fasting and ritual. They understood that when a human came into contact with these stone monuments they would experience a very real and measurable consciousness expanding and healing effect. This is a clue to why Native Americans would call these sites gateways to another dimension. It is my contention that the builders of worldwide prehistoric sacred stone sites not only had knowledge of this force but possessed a spiritual based science that far exceeds our present civilizations. I also believe that indigenous legend, geological, archaeological and astronomical evidence along with common sense all support this. It is also my contention that these builders were part of a lost civilization that built stone monuments all over the world including New England. Let's quickly look at the Jupiter Temple in Baalbek Lebanon. It is so old that archaeologists don't even attempt to date the original structure. They focus rather on the Phoenician and Roman remains built at the site. The temple possesses the three largest quarried stones in the world. They weigh two million pounds apiece, are placed on a forty foot retaining wall, and are so tightly fit you can't slip a piece of paper between them. Modern engineers freely admit the total impossibility of being able to do this today because of weight and site constraints. Yet, we are supposed to believe that stone age man crawled out of his cave six or seven thousand years ago and littered the entire planet with inconceivable stone structures such as this. Who then was this mother culture responsible for all these monuments? Well, there appears to be an answer for that too....

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